Lisa Lane Deno

Lisa Lane Deno and Body Telesis is for women who have lost themselves and their self confidence to changing hormones through peri-menopause or menopause. It’s for those that feel as though they have NO control of their own lives. It’s for those who have encountered menopausal weight gain and feel as though they are in someone else’s body. I, Lisa Lane Deno, promise to help you gain control of your own life and become the woman you used to know or perhaps even a new improved woman both inside and out. I can help you achieve these results by offering expert advice, education, personal experience and a community of support to help refocus attention on you, your goals and your health on your own time. My strategies are backed by the most sought after home-fitness workouts and nutritional products with amazing physical, mental, and spiritual transformations. We will address the need to return the balance of power in your favor at an incredibly vulnerable time which will in turn provide you with more time to give to others.  Since I understand how it feels to have out of whack hormones, to have lost hope in having control of how I look and feel and feeling as though I have nothing to give to anyone else, even my loving family, I am now dedicated to helping others. Let me help you! Planned progress happens one step at a time. Let’s take that first step together. Contact me now.

Reclaim YOUR Life!

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