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IMG_2749 Swimsuit at Sandy Toes
Every year it seems the hunt for a new swimsuit can be extremely frustrating!


Often times, it’s in the dressing room when we realize that our winter clothes have been hiding changes in our bodies we may not have noticed and the agony of swimsuit shopping begins. This may be referred to as “winter weight”. The muffin top may be fluffier or the saddlebags may be saggin! Whatever the case, continue reading for a couple of solutions!


I just flipped through a Lands’ End catalog and it seems that they have what could be a temporary solution that would be super cute AND modest for many body types!! They have a big variety of tops and bottoms! Personally, I’m really diggin the minis! And I love the sweetheart cut tops! Their suits hold up extremely well too! I’ve had a few for at least 5 years and I still wear them for those early morning waterski runs! I have to admit that I’ve lost at least 30 pounds in the last 5 years so the suits don’t quite fit any longer but they are perfect for my early morning runs and they are not even beginning to fall apart or disintegrate! Have you ever had a suit disintegrate on you when you hit the water? I have! Comment below and I’ll share that story with you later! 🙂


Finding a suit that hides what we may feel are imperfections is only temporary. A long term solution will improve self esteem, confidence, energy and overall health!
Looking for a long term solution to getting rid of the extra baggage and looking great in your favorite swimsuit?
Join my online 5 Day Boot Camp beginning Monday, April 11. We will share tips regarding:
  •  whole food nutrition,
  • fitness,
  • education,
  • support and
  • we’ll have prizes too!
  • You’ll also have access to lots incredible recipes and
  • 100’s of workouts!
  • We will even make a dent in that “bloat” that plagues so many!

All of this at no charge.

Registration and daily participation are your only obligations!

5 Day Boot Camp

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