Do you like to barter?

My dad was the best barterer I’ve ever known! I just wish I had known then what I know now. And I wish that the thing that has kept my family healthy had been been available 37 years ago!

I have learned that we can’t live in the past. We must care for the ones we love now AND ourselves.

My trade: I traded in 5-8 sinus infections each year and big bottles of Advil that Tim, my husband, and I would go through monthly.

Jaxson, my now 15 year old son: traded in at least 3 ear infections a year.

for what?…

I made a trade

Say Goodbye to Sick Days!

This incredible nutrient dense shake that is loaded with immune boosters and anti-inflammatories as well as many other beneficial Superfoods!

While everyone around us is getting sick and missing days of school and work, we are remaining healthy!
We have just one delicious shake a day for breakfast and we are good to go!
Who wouldn’t want to indulge in something that tastes like dessert for breakfast, or any meal for that matter?!

Do you miss days at school or work because of various viral and bacterial infections, or even the common cold? You can drastically reduce the number of sick days you use with a daily meal replacement. Use your sick days for vacation instead!

Would YOU like to trade in your sick days for vacation days?

Being sick also interferes with our economy. According to an article in 24/7 Wall St from May of 2013 titled, Workers Taking the Most Sick Dayssick days are estimated to cost the U.S. economy $84 billion each year.

Join me and let’s reduce the number of sick days taken and be healthy together!

Are you ready?

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