Don’t be a holiday statistic!

The average weight gain between Halloween and New Years is 7-14 pounds!

Why not lose weight this holiday season? Or… at least NOT gain!

We have 60 days til the end of 2014 but there are truly only 2 holidays in that time! This is no reason to use the holidays as an excuse for the entire 60 days of indulging! Let’s take control! Here is your first step….

This is a FREE 5-Day Support Group is geared to help participants create new habits!

You will learn how to plan, prepare and eat healthy foods with flavor!

A meal plan AND shopping list will be provided.

As a bonus you’ll receive lots of great tips, nutrition/fitness information plus personal growth resources with suggestions to increase confidence and productivity.

You will also be asked to exercise for 30 minutes each day.

You will be asked to spend 10 minutes a day on personal growth and development. I will be sharing some of my favorite authors with you.

Contact me asap to reserve YOUR spot in this exclusive group!

(Meal plan and grocery list will be posted on Nov 7 to give you plenty of time to prepare so don’t delay!)

Some Testimonials from my last group:

Julianne.L. – “I just went jean shopping and I’m officially in a 6! I have neeeeeever worn a 6! And at some point in college I was in a 16 praise God!!”

Colleen R. – “I want to thank all of you for putting this challenge on. It’s good to connect to like minded people who battle the same demons as I. I lost lost 4 lbs. 3 inches in my waist and 2 inches in my thighs. Woot Woot!”

Deborah D. – “I was at a plateau with my program and this week really helped me. I lost three pounds.”

Becky H. – “I have lost 6 lbs!!!!!!”

Terri G. – “Five pounds gone!!! I’m going to keep going for a few more days with this then switch back to 21 day fitness.”

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