Ultimate Reset

NEXT GROUP Starts January 8, 2014!

Every Body Needs a Tune-Up!

What Can the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Do for YOU in 21 Days?

Lose Weight Safely ~ Increase Daily Energy ~ Lower “Bad” Cholesterol ~ Remove Harmful Toxins

Of all the programs available today, the Ultimate Reset is my absolute favorite! It has completely changed my life. Not only have I learned some great new recipes and tips to be much more efficient in the kitchen but I also and more importantly learned that I can CONTROL how I feel with the foods I choose to put in my mouth. As someone who was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and spent many days laying around with no energy to do much of anything, the Ultimate Reset gave me my life back!

If you are interested, give me a shout at lisalanedeno@gmail.com. I am happy to answer questions and provide you with the next steps. One of the invaluable tools I provide is daily accountability along with a community of like-minded individuals who are striving to lead healthier lives.

Your Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack must be purchased prior to December 20

in order to have appropriate time to prepare for the experience of a lifetime! We will start on January 8th!

There is no reason to wait til the new year to get busy with your goals!

Message me for specific instructions at lisalanedeno@gmail.com.


Here’s what some of my Ultimate Resetters have had to say about the program:

“Pop cravings are minimal now! I actually love water!” Lisa G after just 1 week.

“Joe and I must be weird. I told him Katie, and I were doing it again after the first of the year; and he said he wants to do it with me cause he had so much more energy. I did too. Even in week three with no grains. It’s so weird how that works differently in different people?!?!? But I will say I’m a bit bummed about sugar. I can now not eat sugar without getting a headache. If its just a very small amount it seems ok, but a full dose doesn’t sit we’ll with me.” Julie W

“Biggest impact is 10 lb. weight loss! Felt better as each day progressed. Plan on implementing my favorite Zucchini Cashew soup and salads with special dressings! Definitely more conscious of wiser fiod choices and what goes into my foods while taking the time to eat it. Will NOT miss tempeh or prepping EVERY single meal. Appreciative of the support from all the Reset Renegades, most especially Coaches Lora and Lisa! ❤” Suzie G

“My “unofficial” results…. down 8 pounds, 3% body fat…an inch in my waist (to 26″!!) and a 1/2 in in my hips. I feel great and would like to maintain…and after this 3rd week feel really confident about going forward on my own:)) Stocked up on more fresh produce today. Want to share this with EVERYONE!!!” Lora S

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