January Jumpstart

A new year has begun and if you are like the majority of humans, you’ve resolved for a healthier year. Well… I’m here to help with that!

Join us Jan 5-9 and follow and easy, clean food plan featuring convenient crockpot dinners your whole family will love.
We will include a budget-friendly shopping list to make preparation easy.
You’ll receive daily education and motivation from coaches PLUS accountability from others in the group. (Plan to post daily!)
Add 30 minutes a day of exercise and you WILL see results!

This group is open to my current clients and new participants who do not already have a coach! Space is limited… so contact me ASAP to be added to our group before it fills up! (If you do not have one, you will need a free Team Beachbody account before joining.)

Want to make this Jumpstart even easier? You can replace 1 meal or snack a day with Shakeology. Trial packs of Shakeology are available for purchase.


3 lbs down this week! I gotta say, I LOVED the lemon chicken and granola bars and am now addicted to eating a HUGE plate of greens and with a veggie burger crumbled up on top! I’ve already lost a lot of weight with you and Désirée‘s help, but never have been that great at eating clean. I now see that it IS easy to do this and am ready to learn MORE!!!!!” ~Sarah R.

“I did “ok” but life got in the way. I did ramp up my water intake and my workouts. I am down 2 pounds. I on my way to sisters to do a little holiday baking but I had a good breakfast, an egg 1 piece of bacon and low calorie orange juice, and I will be sure to take my water bottle.” ~ Leigh Ann C.

Perfect plan and very doable during holiday season…
Lost two pounds in spite of living life! Thank you ladies for your time and encouragement! Lisa Lane Deno” ~ Ruth P.

“Down 2.5 lbs, but actually very doable, even with no crock pot and too many irons in the fire. I too loved the granola bars. A real Christmas gift!!! Thanks! Hugs, Kim” ~ Kim T.

I look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals in 2015!!

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